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How to Hire a Locksmith and Avoid Scams

Far too often many apartment dwellers and home owners are more concerned with how much a locksmith will cost and less with the quality of the work that will be provided. Unfortunately, this can result in serious problems. One of the most serious problems today is the concern whether the locksmith you hire is a trustworthy individual or not. While it seems inconceivable that a professional locksmith would subject himself to such a huge liability, it seems to happen more frequently than we would care to think about.

When hiring a locksmith there are several factors that should be taken into consideration in addition to several questions that you should ask to make sure you are hiring a professional locksmith you can trust with the security of your home.

Start your interview off by asking how many years training and apprenticeship the locksmith you are considering hiring has. It’s a good idea to look for a locksmith that has a specialization in areas such as vaults, electronic entry, master key systems, etc. You should also ask to see a working sample of a master key chart to be sure the locksmith has the level of experience and competency you need.

Furthermore, ask him or her what brands of locks and supplies they carry. A professional locksmith will carry a large variety and quality of lock designs and lines. He or she should be knowledgeable about these products and be able to discuss them.

Ask them how many key machines they have and also how many mobile trucks they operate.

If you are a business professional, it’s also a good idea to ask questions related to their knowledge of fire does and handicapped access. These codes do tend to change from time to time and a professional locksmith should stay current on this information.

It is also important to find out whether they subcontract any of their work out to other locksmiths.

You should also ask how long the locksmith has been operating in your community. This information can easily be verified through their license information-don’t just take their word for it. If the business has been operating for awhile this can be a good indication they are on the up and up.

You find out whether the company is properly licensed by calling the local locksmith’s association and asking a few well pointed questions. Keep in mind that licensing requirements to vary by state but this should still give you the information that you need.

Before you hire a locksmith make sure you take the time to review the following documents and credentials:

Contractor’s license
Locksmith’s license
City or county permit
Certificate’s of worker’s compensation-just in case an employee is hurt while on your property
Membership in a professional trade association

It is also important to make sure that you have verified that the person who holds the license and the person who will be changing your locks are the same person. Ask for a back—up ID to make sure they aren’t pretending to be a locksmith.

It is also important to find out the size of the company.
You may also want to take the time to drop by the business site and see how they conduct their business. If it looks like a well established business, that’s good, but if the business appears to be somewhat shady it’s time to keep looking.

Taking the time to thoroughly check out prospective locksmiths before you hire them can insure you do not become a victim of a scam or fraud. The safety and security of your home or business and belongings is worth it.
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