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Mechanical Locks

Door locks are the first line of defense against would-be burglars and criminals trying to gain access to your home and office. It is always a good idea to consult a locksmith to find out which type of lock would be best suited for your particular situation. There are currently several different options available on the market. One of the locks currently available is the mechanical lock.

Most of the mechanical locks on the market are constructed of two parts, a cylindrical and a mortise. A mechanical lock features a pushbutton keypad or key that retracts the latch. Doors are generally prepared for this type of lock using a 2 1/8 “ hole that is drilled through the door. The locking device and latch then resides inside. This type of lock is frequently used on residential doors. The latchbolt can be either deadlocking or plain. Deadlocking latchbolts are less susceptible to vandalism.

When considering a mechanical lock with a pushbutton keypad or a key; it is important to consider how access to the door will be handled. While keys are certainly the most traditional option, they are more and more frequently falling away from favor due to the fact that they can so easily be copied, stolen or even lost.

It should be noted; however, there are numerous options available today to increase security of even keys. One example, in which control can be maintained over the matter, are keys which are actually patent-protected. This allows very strict access of who is can duplicate the keys issued for a particular lock. Technically, the way it works is that only certain locksmiths, those who are selected, and the manufacturer will have access to the blank templates for the key that is patented.

Another way in which access to keys can be protected include tagging them with a serial number. When that number is inventoried on a regular basis, greater security is insured. There are even special software programs that make the process much easier.

Such key tracking software offers a number of benefits, including the ability to re-key locks with a new key. A company could be issued several types of keys. In the event a key is lost, the next key in the series could then be used to re-arrange the pins in the lock, which results in re-keying it.

Of course, there has certainly been a connection made between reducing the number of keys in circulation and security. Toward that end, many consumers are looking at ways in which they can cut down on the number of keys to their locks. Mechanical push button locks offer a way to eliminate keys. A code is entered in the keypad and access is authorized based on that code. Other devices can also be combined with this type of lock including panic devices and card readers as well as biometrics.

Consumers interested in additional security as well as convenience may consider restricting entry to locks with codes during certain times of the day or night. For example, an employer could make sure his building is kept safe at night by locking-it out even from those who know the authorization code.

In addition, mechanical locks are built to last. Most are constructed to last for at least two decades. The cost for mechanical locks currently runs between $100 and $900 for each door. While more expensive than some locks, mechanical locks certainly do provide a lot of security for the money.

If you think a mechanical lock might be right for your current situation and environment, be sure to check with an experienced locksmith and ask them for a consultation.
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